Why teaching is still the best job in world?

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teaching is still the best job in world

Why teaching is still the best job in world?

Teaching is one of the world’s most fruitful professions. It’s a way to pass on knowledge and cultivate a spirit of success in next generation. Teachers are the fortuitous one who can teach kids the marvel of reading. Teachers play crucial role in our life to become successful in career and business.
T- Talented E- Excellent A-Adorable C- Charming H- Humble E- Encouraging R- Responsible
Why teaching is the best job?

The potential to mold lives :Teachers get to shape the lives of young people. Today what we are, what we will be tomorrow is just because of our teachers. One day your students may become noble prize winners, leaders, prime ministers, top business people or great artists.

Teaching offers job security: A career in teaching is the one which will always be in demand. In developing country like India, teachers contribute mainly in the development of the society and economy.
Most of the school retain teachers that are highly qualified and experienced. Tenured teachers have a high employment retention rate. Ultimately, job security is often strongest for the teacher who impart knowledge to their students efficiently and meet the academic standards .

Majority of teachers find great satisfaction in their work: In spite of everyday challenges that teacher faces, a number of surveys conducted among teachers indicate that the vast majority of them are satisfied with their jobs. It is also crucial to understand whether students are learning what you are teaching.

Health and retirement benefits Most full time teachers have some form of health benefits and receive employer contribution to their retirement fund. Although age restrictions vary from state to state, most of the teachers start receiving benefits at the age of 60 if they had contributed to their retirement fund for 30 years.

Summer break allows teachers time to recharge Summer breaks are not only for children’s but for teachers also. Some teachers take up new job while most of the teachers spend their time with their family and look after their children’s. Summer breaks give time to recharge teachers for next school year.

Constantly learning new skills: You came into this job to teach math, science, English or any other subject. But now you also run clubs, sports day counselling sessions and many more. You build positive relationship with students, teachers & parents. Children teach you as much you teach them.


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