Tips for writing a Resume for Teacher

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Tips for writing a Resume for Teacher

Tips for writing a Resume for Teacher

Regardless of what stage of your teaching career you are in, your resume is an important document. The resume allows you to stand out from the rest and highlight your ability to grow and learn. Make sure your resume shows off that you are enthusiastic, compassionate and gentle with young people. While writing a resume following points should be focused:

Highlight your education and credentials:Teaching job generally requires specific degrees and certifications, so don’t forget to highlight them. Write your academic credentials in order, starting with the most current degree. In addition to your degrees, education section also contains your teaching certifications. Don’t forget to lineup details about your certifications such as subject areas, educational setting, and level.

Keep it short and simple:It is good to list all successes and achievements in one page. However, an extremely long resume is just as annoying as one that’s too short. Keep it two pages maximum. If it’s too long they may dump your resume straight into dustbin. Focus on important points, keep all points simple, clear and concise.

Teaching experience: Like your education and credentials section, this section of your teacher resume should also attract and stand out from rest. Many teachers make the mistake of listing every single job they’ve ever had, avoid this. Stick to your current position and list the previous two. If you have worked with one single school for many years, you could get away with just listing that position.

Consider the format: There are many different formats for writing a resume. You can choose any format for writing your resume depending upon the position you are applying for. Don’t be timid to try a more updated look for your resume. Make your resume clean formatted and as attractive as possible.

Include a cover letter: The cover letter helps to introduce yourself in a memorable, personal way during a job application. It is most important as it gives company a glimpse of who you are, what you have to offer. All schools didn’t ask for the cover letters, don’t include unless you have received the explicit instructions. This should not exceed more than a page.

Double check: Once you have completed writing your resume, go through it once and edit accordingly. Look for any grammatical errors and spelling errors. Make sure you use consistent formatting format in your resume like size of font, bullet point style and heading style. Employers want professional and gleaming resume.

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