Delhi Nursery Admission Challenges Faced by Parents

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challanges faced by parents

Delhi Nursery Admission Challenges Faced by Parents

Winters in Delhi is more often foggy, and more so if you are a parent of a three year old. With haze comes cold sweat as parents have to prepare for nursery admissions that begin in January every year. With defined number of seats and distinctive sets of rules, the season of nursery admissions in the city is the major cause of concern for parents of ward seeking admission.

However, the admission process of each school varies. Some schools are giving preference to single girl child, others are giving preference to children’s who have siblings in the same school.

Several private sovereign schools have a system wherein preference is given to a student who have sibling in the same school or are children’s of the teaching staff of the school. Higher points are allocated to those students who are fulfilling this criteria instead of giving preference to students who live in the school’s vicinity.
Parents want a seat in a good school, schools want the best part of students who can pay up for facilities they proclaim.
But no one can really get there due to problems such as shortage of schools, lack of regulations and the private government tussle.
Not Enough Schools
According to survey, the number of kids seeking admission is nearly four times that available.
Delhi has 1700 private schools that offer around 1.25 lakh seats in nursery.
Finding a perfect formula to accommodate all children’s has been a challenge. Government schools fall short of space and quality.
“The main problem with nursery admissions is that the supply is less and high demand”. This scarcity is consistently increasing because government institutions are not able to create reliable and decent institutions.
The number of general category seats fell down by a quarter after the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act.
Lack of Regulation
Though India has a powerful law that makes elementary education compulsory for all children aged between six and 14 years but here is the lack of regulation of control. Though state governments have made it compulsory for schools to reserve 25% seats for EWS.
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